Born in Finland 1987, Olli Vuorinen is a  Helsinki based contemporary circus artist and director. Who lived in the world of the contemporary circus since the year 2001. Without passing through a phase of the classical circus, he grew up watching and learning from the Finnish contemporary circus pioneers. Ollis career shifted into a full-time professional artist after his graduation from the French contemporary circus school Academie-Fratellini in 2011.


Olli founded Nuua company together with Luis Sartori do Vale in 2012 as an artistic platform for cross artistic stage productions and international collaborations Nuua got selected into an EU-funded Circus Next project in the same year with a performance called Lento. With French pioneer company of contemporary juggling Les Objets Volants and with Nuua company he did two award-winning performances in Cirque de Demain-festival in Paris and during the last few years he has performed more around the world including Japan, USA, Brasil, Kuwait, Russia, Indonesia and  in many European countries, even in refugee camps in Turkey and various other occasions, over 21 countries.


Olli is currently working with company Nuua as an artistic director and a performer in Nuua's Hede and Vaarna productions. As an outside eye a performance called Amalgam, as a director in Meanwhile and Kulovalkea performances for company Sirkum Polaris.


He is currently concentrating on the development of company Nuua as his new path as a director. Staying always open for new artistic collaborations, where he can share experiences with different artists and develop his practice.


Olli got recognition from his personal approach to performing, innovative juggling techniques and varied object theatre skills.



Absurd, contrasts and curiosity.

With jugglers playfulness and object manipulation techniques,

I experiment with different body-object relations in motion and turn my research into a cross art performances that I call contemporary circus. I chose to work in theatre space where the detailed actions and ethereal atmospheres can catch the spectators attention.


The inspiration for these performances comes from a playful way of looking at and seeing objects. I'm researching our relationship to objects, I interpret and observe my discoveries and load them with personal thoughts and concepts that I’m currently dealing with. I use improvisations as a tool to touch the sensitive side of the material as we are working during the process and then choreograph with visual,  yet simple and selected actions. Playful experimentation and new discovering guides my creativity in compulsive ways.


Years of juggling, object manipulation, and different artistic creations have led me to explore various objects and forms: what stories do they contain? What kind of aesthetics and symbolism can I build with them? Different objects form different trajectories and qualities. This is the jugglers work, to experiment with gravity and explore different objects in the new light through magnifying glass.


I want to open people's curiosity, playfulness, and aesthetic awareness. Bringing forth emotions, inspiration, and sensitivity to empower people to experience their world with a new view.


Instead of storytelling, I want to provide aesthetics that move and sensitize by bringing the viewer into a state that is more receptive to new dreamlike experiences.


By freely mixing different performing arts, I look for an approach based on artistic versatility.